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April 17, 2017

Praxistest: Control smart light via smartphone app

Praxistest: Control smart light via smartphone app

Fernbedienbare LED bulbs provide mood: they change their brightness and color per app or memorize complete light scenes. Some even play music.

For the price: IKEA Tradfri
The Swedish furniture store IKEA is also entering the market of smart luminaires and recently published the sleek lighting system Tradfri. Although there are no color-changing lamps at the start, the light can be switched from warm to cold in three steps. The control takes place via a remote control or the Tradfri app. For the latter, however, a separate gateway (29.99 euros) is necessary. In the test, Tradfri proved to be a good introduction to the eHome landscape thanks to its simple operation. If you can not use the language control with assistants such as Amazon Alexa and do not need color lighting, Tradfri is a good alternative to the competition. The starter set consisting of two bulbs, a remote control and the gateway is already available from 75 euros. The single lamp with E14 socket costs 14, 99 euros. 

Headlights: LIFX
With white light, the 17 Watt LifX lamp achieves a luminance of more than 1,000 lumens. This is equivalent to a 75-watt incandescent lamp and clearly outweighs the competition. In the English-language app, however, other colors, time switches and a light alarm can be simulated, which simulates the dawn dawn. The last setting is saved when the light is switched off. Because the LifX is registered in the WLAN of the router, it does not need a bridge to control via app and Internet. Disadvantage of WLAN technology is a high standby consumption of 2.5 watts. 

Moody: Elgato Avea
The Avea Bluetooth lamp receives its commands directly from the smartphone. For this purpose it must be within the radio range of the telephone. Normally this means: in the same room. That works but currently only with iOS devices and with the Apple Watch , an Android app does not exist. The easy-to-use app offers nine pre-set color changes - from the warm fireplace fire to the blue-green polarnacht. In addition, there are six static colors and white light that can be controlled in the color temperature. Up to ten aveas can be controlled at the same time, which then change color simultaneously. When disconnected from the mains, the lamps retain their setting. As a light alarm, Avea accompanies the waking with bird twittering or music from the mobile phone. However, no colors can be selected, And the lamp turns on quite hard with a basic brightness of about 10 percent. In addition, the iPhone must keep contact with the Bluetooth bulb overnight because there is no bridge or online connection for wake-up. With 7 watts or 430 lumens, the lamp is not particularly bright, and it radiates more upwards. In a closed lampshade, which distributes the light in the interior well, however, hardly noticeable. 

Light system: Philips Hue
The Hue system from Philips is since 2012 on the market and correspondingly mature. In addition to retrofitting lamps for existing fixtures (E27, GU10) and LED strips, the range also includes complete luminaires as well as a portable battery model. Almost all can change color, only the Lux series provides a preset white light. All Hue products can be controlled via a common radio base. This bridge hangs by cable to the router and is connected to the Internet. This is how the control works not only in the WLAN, but also on the road. Another advantage of the Zigbee technology is that the lamps consume less than 0.5 watts in standby. For this, you forget your color and brightness settings when the light switch turns off the power. Because a large developer community supports the system, There are many third-party apps, even for Windows Phone - and some Smarthome complete systems can also control the lamps. 

Inside and outside: Osram Lightify
Osram is a late star in the subject of smart lighting, but with Lightify offers a similar range of functions as Philips Hue. LED garden spots even bring the light outside - and can also be used as a light string without earth spikes. The system is not as stable as with Philips and alternative apps of other developers do not exist. For this purpose, the lamps store a light color and brightness, which they automatically restore after the power supply disconnection. The bridge, called by Osram gateway, does not come by cable to the router, but communicates via WLAN. This makes it more flexible to place in the room. In addition, the lamps with E27 threads are brighter than their Hue counterparts. Because both use the same radio standard, Lightify lamps can be registered on a Hue bridge. This has not yet been reversed.

Fragrance lamp: Awox Aroma Light
The 15 cm high Awox Aroma Light Color does not fit under any screen. In addition to colored light, it also spreads fragrances: in the head of the Bluetooth lamp is a small sponge, which you can dribble with any essential oils. A fan in the case smells the fragrance then into the room. The speed is adjustable via app, but should not be chosen too high, otherwise the fan audibly audible. 

Sound body: Sengled Pulse
The thick casing of the Sengled Pulse comes by no coincidence: In the Bluetooth lamp is a speaker by JBL. In addition to warm white light, the lamp also emits music. Two copies are part of the start package: The master receives the audio signal from the smartphone and sends it to the slave via its own wireless network. Up to eight lamps can be used to light the house. The sound? For background music more than neat. 

With bridge or without
Lamps with Zigbee radio like Philips or Osram require their own base station to control. Models that communicate via Bluetooth or WLAN do not need any additional accessories.

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