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April 20, 2017

Super Nintendo Classic Mini: Release this year?

Super Nintendo Classic Mini: Release this year?

Schon shortly after the appearance and the incredible success of the NES Classic Mini were called for a corresponding re-release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In view of the rapid demand for the small NES, the implementation of the successor console would be quite obvious. And actually Nintendo seems to plan exactly this already. A specialist magazine wants to have learned from the company's environment that the Japanese want to bring a miniature version of the SuperNintendo with preinstalled game classics on time for this year's Christmas business. 

These plans are also the reason for the abrupt production stoppage of the NES Classic Mini, which is not comprehensible for many players. The demand for the first mini console from Nintendo is still not satisfied, the device sold out everywhere. Nevertheless, Nintendo recently announced that they would not produce any more copies. An official confirmation of the SNES Classic Mini is still pending. It remains unclear which and how many games it could end up on the Daddelkiste. One thing is certain: 

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