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April 20, 2017

Data theft: Tesla agrees with chief developer

Data theft: Tesla agrees with chief developer

Tesla, after an out-of-court agreement, is dismissed by the complaining lawsuit against his former head designer of the "Autopilot" for secret theft. The electric car manufacturer accused Sterling Anderson of having "hundreds of gigabytes" of data loaded onto a hard drive before his departure and taken with him. Tesla also sued the former chief designer of Google's self-propelled cars, Chris Urmson, who founded the robot car start-up Aurora with Anderson.

No confidential information found
The details of the deal are only known in fragments: Anderson wrote in a blog entry that a review commissioned by Aurora had found "no relevant confidential information" by Tesla on private computers or in the company system. Nor is there any evidence that Aurora employees used or had access to confidential information from Tesla. Tesla, according to his own statement, received a payment of 100,000 US dollars (around 93,000 euros) as part of the agreement. According to Anderson, Aurora agreed to pay for the costs of a further checkup of computers of the start-up.

More spectacular action
The suit had hit high waves at the end of January 2017, because it was about two industry stars in the development of self-propelled cars. However, a complaint from Google's sister company Waymo surpassed them a few weeks later: the company wants to stop the robotic car program from Uber, because it is supposed to use the technology of the company, which former top developer Anthony Lewandowski brought to the service agent . Refute the accusations. (With DPA material.)

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