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April 01, 2017

WhatsApp: The best jokes on 1 April

WhatsApp: The best jokes on 1 April

Am 1 April to friends, colleagues and family members leads literally around by the nose. Whether fictitious tasks, nonsensical news, or the like, it is important to sell mischief to the dear fellow man as true - until the famous words "April, April" sound and uncover the untrue mischief. The exact origin of the April custom is unclear, with records dating back to the 17th century. No matter where and from when: People continue to celebrate this tradition - today only with modern aids. COMPUTER BILD introduces sensible and nonsensical jokes for WhatsApp in the overview.

Update for WhatsApp status
Sentence with "x": That was probably nothing! In this sense, the recent update for the WhatsApp status for users was not good. Therefore, the old status function is now under a new name.

WhatsApp sayings for every occasion
Soon the Easter bunny will be on the doorstep - you will find the best WhatsApp-Sprüche for Easter at COMPUTER BILD ! But there are still more festivals in the year ... And to each there are appropriate speeches: for Mother 's Day and Father's Day , for Halloween , Christmas and New Year's Eve . If you are looking for a funny saying for everyday life, check out the 150 coolest WhatsApp sayings !

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