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April 01, 2017

Windows 10: Consumer protection against Microsoft

Windows 10: Consumer protection against Microsoft

Windows 10 is becoming more and more popular and has already outperformed Windows 7 in Germany. With the Creators Update the next big update is coming. But there are problems with German consumer protection. Already in 2015 the consumer center Baden-Wuerttemberg had filed suit against Microsoft, because the group had annoyed the users of Windows 7 and 8.1 with the "Zwangsdownload". With a legal move Microsoft blocked the delivery of the complaint so far. The manufacturer argued that the action was not effective because it would not have to go to the subsidiary, but to the head office in the USA. But now the Oberlandesgericht Munich lifted the judgment of the lower court. When, finally, the matter is negotiated, is not yet out.

The explosive clause is read
Experts from the Consumer Center in North Rhine-Westphalia also looked more closely at the privacy clauses of the operating system and came to the conclusion that they are inadequate. When switching from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, customers must accept the license terms of Windows 10, otherwise the upgrade will not work. Consumers are critical of Microsoft's commitment to data collection and use of data for all functions and services in a long-term privacy policy. However, the explosive clause is not highlighted so that customers can not see what they are agreeing with. Customers are also not in a position to reject individual areas. If a user leaves the settings when Windows 10 is set up, Microsoft is given access to language entries, calendar entries, Contacts, location, browsing history. Consumers warned Microsoft not to use the controversial clause. When the company refused to file an injunction, the Consumer Center filed a lawsuit before the Munich District Court in early 2016.

Tool against espionage
For a long time, Microsoft has been criticized for its privacy policy. Also COMPUTERBILD has early on the data hungry pointed Windows 10th If you do not want to stop espionage, you will find in the COMPUTER BILD download area with the COMPUTER BILD espionage stopper a tool that prevents the snooping.

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