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April 17, 2017

Windows modes for everything: high contrast, high performance, porn mode!

Windows modes for everything: high contrast, high performance, porn mode!

People specialize professionally, Windows does nothing else: Microsoft has incorporated many switches that optimize the system for special purposes. Replace it! The range extends from speed to security to maximum graphics performance. Fine: The different modes can be combined - thus powercfg.cpl-peak power and info-center power savings are not excluded. For security, there are several modes: each Windows allows you to rename a second user profile to make it immune to changes. Windows 8/10 is absolutely indestructible in the Pro edition thanks to kiosk mode: in it everything is locked except for an app! As a rule, the tricks described below are suitable for every standard Windows.

Windows 10: Games mode is there
The PC could become more important as a game platform, because Microsoft provides its latest operating system Windows 10 with the Creators Update with a games mode. It directs the system resources to liquid gambling. Start the Windows Update from the Settings app (press Windows-i) to install the Creators Update; You can also upgrade by using the Media Creation Tool, or by using an ISO which allows a clean Windows 10 reinstallation. In the COMPUTER BILD issue 09/2017, you will learn how the game mode actually improves. So much is to be betrayed: it is measurable!

Accessible and rather hidden
Time to lift the many burrowing treasures: some modes are placed comparatively prominently, others require effort in releasing. Pretty easy you come to the power saving mechanisms. The GodMode with access to the entries of the system control in list form is already more difficult to reach - but the effort is worth it, because you just set a freshly operating system according to your own taste. Some things do not need to be switched on: this applies to kernel mode and OOBE. The kernel mode belongs to the operating system architecture, OOBE forms the back of a Windows reinstallation. The AHCI mode can be switched on at a faster pace: If you activate the one in the BIOS, Windows uses an AHCI driver for more speed - but the subsequent BIOS fumble is a bluescreen. Anyone who modifies the registry before, will avoid the problem. As you try out the cool and partly wacked modes, explained the above photo stretch.

Guided to achieve the goal
Whoever tries out all the bedientricks of this article will get to know new facets. Want more comfort? May I help you! Wizards are already available in Windows XP, they also appear in newer systems and lead you to the destination. Problems with sound reproduction? Failing web page views? Bucking hardware? No thing: Click through step by step instead of invoking unclear windows and annoying configuration orgies.

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