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May 13, 2017

Download Program to edit audio, Wave Pad

Download Program to edit audio, Wave Pad
Program to edit audio Download If you are looking for a music and audio editor that is powerful, while being simple, the Wave Pad is the right one. Since it is one of the best music and audio editors for Windows and Mac.

With the Wave Pad , you can edit music, and any audio file in a simple way. The editor is compatible with all audio file formats, or at least with the most popular, also includes an extractor and CD recorder.

WavePad offers a free download for all those who want to edit sounds, music or voices for a domestic purpose, or non-commercial. The version, just like the professional can be updated, for example to add additional effects.

The WavePad editor allows you to cut, paste, insert, perform silences or automatic cutouts. At the same time it allows to improve the quality of the audios, removing the noise, or to the contrary, to generate echo and some other effects to modify the audios.

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