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June 16, 2017

Download AIMP 3.00.950 RC 1 Free

Download AIMP 3.00.950 RC 1 FreeAIMP Download Of the hundreds of audio players that come out on the Net to download and from what we have tried lately, this player is the best there is right now. You will be surprised, by the quality of its sound as soon as you put the first song. It is a program that will consume very few resources of your computer and has a simple appearance, but very effective and elegant.

As you can see in the image is a very colorful audio player , but it offers you the possibility to change its appearance in an easy way whenever you want, it is totally customizable.

So, once again we highlight its sound quality, but we also emphasize that it supports many formats, which has a label editor and a radio recorder, exceptional feature within the current players, a panel for automatic shutdown if you want and , Besides. Supports DSP plugins to be able to completely customize it and add new features to this fantastic multimedia audio player.

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