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June 16, 2017

Download Kmplayer R2 free

Download Kmplayer R2 free
Kmplayer Download Dear Friends, today we present an exceptional multimedia video player called Kmplayer, capable of playing videos in any format, provided you have the corresponding codecs installed on your computer.

This superb media player, to be able to view any audio file on your computer without problems, is capable of playing all formats of Windows Media, also WinAmp, RealMedia, Quicktime and Flash (SWF) formats.

Of course, you can play DVD, having access to all the menu options, subtitles, language change and all DVD settings.

It has a very nice appearance that you can configure very easily, transforming the player whenever you want, although undoubtedly they have been inspired by the famous player Winamp, this has its own features and can become your only video player in Your computer.

Very easy to install and also very light, we highly recommend it. If you are looking for a new player, this is the best option.

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