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June 01, 2017

Download Evernote free

Download Evernote free
Evernote Free Download With this fantastic application you will have a complete notebook to have all the information you need for your job well organized and classified. Also one of the advances of this program is that you can save any note in its original format, be it a web page or fragments of a web page, an image, a drawing, a text. In short, a notepad that far surpassed Windows due to its numerous improvements.

You can also make screenshots, photos  and save everything in this great notebook and have all the information you need for your work well classified and saved.

Evernote also allows you to immediately transform everything you write into a format in which you can search.

You can take a picture of a business card and then save it in evernote and do a search for contacts, save the reservation of the airline ticket etc. In short everything a personal file where everything will be well classified and ordered.

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