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June 01, 2017

Download SearchMyFiles 1.82 for free

Download SearchMyFiles 1.82 for free
SearchMyFiles 1.82 for free Download If you have ever had problems with the  search of windows files and you would like to have a more complete application with which to have more options when searching your files more quickly ,safely and detailed, here is a free program called SearchMyFiles Which meets all your expectations.

If with the Windows browser there is a file inside your hard drives that is not found, it is almost certain that with SearchMyFiles you can find it. You can set filters with the Windows browser you can not set such as discarding some folders or disks, discriminating between binary or text files, you can also set if you want to find a file or a folder and any of its properties, Attributes, characteristics, or weight of the file or folder.

All this and more you can configure with the magnificent SearchMyFiles to find those files or folders lost somewhere on your hard disks.

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