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June 01, 2017

Download Free Windows Metro Icons free

Download Free Windows Metro Icons free
Windows Metro Icons Download Impressive customization of your windows with the icons of the next Windows 8 minimalist style in black and white. Be the first to customize your Windows with these icons so different from the common Windows and that belong to the next Microsoft operating system.

You have up to 138 icons of 48 × 48 pixels and you can set them in white or black and with circle or no circle. You can also install it on your mobile device with Windows Phone operating system giving a new Metro look of the future to your mobile phone thanks to these unique icons.

You have four different designs of all icons to choose from and also includes an installer to make it easier to set up your computer for the new look.

If you have to put a but, maybe the icons are a bit small, 48 by 48 pixels.

The icons arrive in PNG format and are fully compatible with your windows, you will not have problems installing it.

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