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April 19, 2017

PixelNet: Create a photo book and save 40%!

PixelNet: Create a photo book and save 40%!

The art fast you have not created a high-quality photo book: With the brand new smartphone app "photo moments" from Bilderdienst PixelNet (free for Android and iOS ) you create with just a few taps on the touch screen a softcover premium photo book with up to 68 Pictures at a special price!

Save 40 percent: How it works
COMPUTER BILD readers save 40 percent when ordering a photo book with this exclusive PixelNet campaign. The photo books cost from 8.95 euros with 13x13 centimeters and 20 photos. With a discount you pay only 5.37 Euros! The premium photo books are available in the sizes 13x13 or 20x20 centimeters with at least 20 and a maximum of 68 photos. Choose the larger book with 68 photos, you can save with this action 20.78 euros. The 40 percent voucher can also be used for up to 999 premium photo prints on real photo paper, the order is directly from the app. Here you can save up to 75,92 Euros.

How to design your photo book
With just a few clicks in the app, you can create your premium photo book with at least 20 photos. As fast as it goes by photo moments app from PixelNet.

Your most beautiful photo moments
The fastest way to get your premium photo book: Choose a photo moment on your smartphone from the PixelNet app Photo Moments. The app combines the mobile phone photos according to the location and time of their recording, and then defines these choices as individual moments. The app already has an image preselection and sorts around blurred or fuzzy photos automatically. With just a single click on "hold moment" you create a nearly finished photo book. Of course, you can also add more snapshots or remove images afterwards. 

So easy to do with
  • Duration: This exclusive promotion runs until 14 May 2017 .
  • Download an app: Order your photo book and design directly from the free "App- Moments" smartphone app from PixelNet . You can download the app via Android smartphone via cobi.de/go/fm1 and via iPhone cobi.de/go/fm2 . Or go directly to the Pixel-Net-Action-page and download it at cobi.de/go/foto-momente .
  • Create a photo book: See instructions below. Possible formats: 13x13 centimeters or 20x20 centimeters, in matte or glossy.
  • Choose photo prints: You can also order premium prints on genuine photopaper in matte or glossy. The images are optionally 10 or 13 centimeters high, the width determines the format of the captured photo.
  • Order: If you are already a PixelNet customer, log on with your user name and password. If not, registration is required.
  • Enter the coupon code: At the end of the order enter the coupon code cbapp417 into the input field provided for this purpose.
  • Shipping costs : The shipping costs 3,95 Euro and is not charged for the voucher.
  • Validity: The code cbapp417 can be redeemed several times!

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